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Meditation And What It Helps

Meditation has many benefits, stress relief and help with anxiety being among them. If you want to get started in meditation, check out our website to learn more.

How To Meditate ?

First of all find a quiet place, then you need to be comfortable you can sit on a chair a meditation cushion theres also meditation seats or the lotus position. of course getting in the lotus position isnt easy for most and you dont have to, but if you want to just pratice a little each day and youll get there. the most important thing in meditation is be comfortable.

Second how long should you do your meditation for? well for beginners id start at 10 minutes, do 10 minutes a day its better than trying to do an hour once a week or something like that so try the 10 minutes meditation daily.

Your First meditation, your comfortable you have the time next the music i personally used the ocean waves one one this site.Imagine laying on a beach listening to waves coming in with the warm sun on you face its a relaxing thought even before you meditate. when your ready close your eyes then try to clear you mind, dont get anoyed with yourself if your mind wanders it takes practice just keep trying for the 10 minutes of your meditation. at the same time slow your breathing, breathe in slowly and out slowly and you will start to relax. no matter what try to do the 10 minutes it will become easier to slow you mind and body and enjoy it . this is just one way to do meditation ill write more soon, it helps me to relax i hope it helps you ..more to come and i hope you enjoy the music and sounds on this site

great sounds here of a of the ocean waves coming up the beach very relaxing, meditate for 10 minutes is great for beginners.

The above 10 minute meditation is ideal for beginners to meditate to. theres several more 10 minute meditation videos on the 10 minute meditation links to the right. when you so you need longer theres the 30 minute meditation,1 hour meditations and to help with sleep try the 8 hour.

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